You are most welcome to join me on my weird and wonderful adventures. I have been traveling around this big beautiful world of ours for three decades. I hope my collection of personal travel tips, stories and photographs will inspire you to create your own adventures. Dream big, live bigger!

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Hello there! I'm Dawn and I truly have been blessed with an unusual life. It's probably my own doing for continually taking the path less trodden, both figuratively and literally. I love to really live in a place and grow some roots there. I also love a good wander and the freedom to explore. Canada is my homeland but my heart and soul are scattered across the globe. I enjoy the uniqueness of each place I visit but what I love even more are the connections that prove our undeniable unity. I've journeyed through over 30 countries and still have an ever-growing bucket list of new places to experience. I hope you enjoy hearing about my adventures and misadventures. There is still much more to come.

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So my motto is to try my best not to give or take offence. This is for those of you who get their knickers in a knot over random stuff. This blog is my own writing and my own personal opinions. I am not representing the views or opinions of anyone else. If this resembles something you have written, it is not intentional. There are only so many topics out there. If you try out anything I've suggested and it all goes wrong I am not liable. I might have a blast and you might break your leg. That's life. I also have the right to delete any comments that promote hate, prejudice or douchiness of any kind.

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